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Common Muse exploded into the scene of minimalism not too long ago but has already garnered adoration from super stylish ladies from around the globe. I couldn’t help but to join in the fun and try the brand out for myself. Suffice to say, I’m super impressed with Common Muse’s design and quality and to make things sweeter, the reasonable prices are just icing on the cake.

Would you like to meet Jel, the designer behind it all? I know I do! Here’s a mini interview that I did with her so enjoy!

Give us a brief intro of yourself

Jel: I studied visual communications and media design, where I did mainly graphic design and branding. As much as I enjoyed graphic design, I was dreaming of working in fashion. I took a visual merchandising internship where I worked for brands like Marni, Dries Van Noten, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana etc. Those experiences gave me important insights into the kind of brand I wanted to create. I ended up curating jewellery when I realised there is a lack of options for classic styles that are not just pocket-friendly, but also uncompromising on presentation and quality.

How did Common Muse come to be? Have you ever thought that it would become what it is today?

Common Muse has always been a work in progress. Before Common Muse, I was running a Tumblr shop selling clothing and accessories while pursuing my diploma. It started as a fun experiment. As the business grew, I became more serious about it and was determined to start a brand once I graduated. At that time I wasn’t sure what I would sell yet, so I did a lot of research and learnt as much as I could before I finally got to start on building the brand. I always thought I would end up designing clothes! I don’t know what would happen in the future, but I hope to grow Common Muse into something more.

Who is your muse?

A woman comfortable in her own skin. One who chooses classics over trends and is all about quiet confidence and understated, effortless style.

Take us through your creative process

I love going to museums, art fairs and libraries to find inspiration. I like to work freely, so I take my time to curate and experiment until I am satisfied with the result. This is why our collections are released sporadically, instead of following the fashion calendar.

What do you enjoy about designing?

I enjoy the process of designing. Design has helped me learn and understand more about myself.

How does a typical work day look like for you?

Mostly packing and shipping orders, replying emails, and reviewing samples.

What are some of your favourite places to hang out in Singapore?

#1. Artscience Museum #2. TWG Tea #3. Forty Hands

List the top 5 local instagram accounts that you check out everyday.

(These are not local, and I don’t check them out everyday but they are my favourites!) #1. @sculpting__in__time #2. @mignonettetakespictures #3. @therawbook #4. @simplicitycity #5.  @naninvintage

Could you tell us a little bit about your next collection? When can we expect it?

For the next collection, I am collaborating with EOMM to produce our most popular styles in precious metals. We hope to launch it in April, so stay tuned!

What are the top 5 things that you can?t live without that are unrelated to fashion?

(I can only think of 4…) My phone, laptop, camera and planner.

Thank you so much Jel! Please give Jel a big thumbs up and shop her wonderful stuff here.

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