Picnic Redefined

Detachment from the chaos and stimulations of everyday city life has never felt so good.
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Mr M and I love discovering new locations for our weekly shoots and this one happened to be on what I would like to think as a secret stretch of beach in our neighbourhood. The entrance to the beach is pretty obscure and that definitely adds to the charm of it.

Ever since moving here, we have been trying to take full advantage of our surroundings by having weekly picnics. We made Monday our no tv day so instead of plonking on the couch mindlessly after work, we would pack a simple meal and retreat to a quiet spot in the outdoors for an hour or so. Doing that had meant that we have something to look forward to by the end of a usually daunting day. Detachment from the chaos and stimulations of everyday city life has never felt so good.

I’m not a picnic expert by any means but after a few weeks of such a routine, here’s a few tips that may help to make your weekday picnic wonderful:

#1. Pick an easily accessible spot Make your picnic as easy as possible for you. Instead of picking somewhere that’s far away, go to somewhere within walking distance. Don’t make life too hard for yourself!

#2. Prepare simple and unfussy meals Mr M makes really simple and easy to eat meals that could be packaged neatly into containers. That makes transportation easier and eating less awkward. If you have the time, get all your ingredients ready the night before to save on cooking time. Having a picnic doesn’t always mean cold, stale sandwiches. It can be warm, substantial and all kinds of wonderful too!

#3. Don’t forget the drinks A meal wouldn’t be complete without a nice, refreshing drink especially in the summer! Mr M and I like to pack a bottle of wine for the occasion.

#4. Dessert finishes the meal Little blocks of chocolate do the trick for us. We don’t have the time to make anything from scratch so those tasty morsels are sufficient to keep us happy.

#5. Have a lie down after the meal! A full tummy and a view of the sky, happy days!

Go on and have a little picnic yourself. Have fun!


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