R.e.d Raw

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I got to cook with rhubarb for the first time a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed experimenting with a new ingredient.

The redness of rhubarb was so beautiful. It was really exciting as I sprinkled a generous amount of sugar on top of the rhubarb which would form a layer of crunchy caramel to counteract the tartness of the vegetable (yes rhubarb is not a fruit!)

As with many of my baking experiences, my rhubarb pudding turned out to be a bit of an ugly duckling. Nothing like those brilliant photos shown on those dreamy instagram accounts that I follow religiously. Shucks. But thankfully it tasted delicious (so Mr M told me hehe!)

It would be the last wish to turn you away from using rhubarb so for now just use your imagination to picture what the dessert was meant to look like…


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