Saying Yes I Will

Donning this especially loud but demure dress from Swedish brand ACNE, Mr M and I celebrated a wonderful milestone in our relationship + my birthday last weekend. It was a beautiful surprise not to be forgotten, forever.

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Mr M had exceeded all my expectations in every single way. He has truly shown me what it means to make love a verb.


It’s hard to believe but one year from now, I will be referred to as Mrs M.

Last weekend seems old news by now but I hope it was as wonderful for you too!


Photography| Mr M

  1. Hi!

    Hope you’ve already been asked, but if not:

    1. Those shoes are pretty cute
    2. Come watch Gravity with us on Thursday 6:30-ish? Pleeeeeeeeeease? We want to meet you! (And your ring, but mostly you)
    3. And finally, congratulations!!

    1. Hi Zilinka!

      Thanks for dropping by! I’ve heard quite a bit about you!
      Sorry that we had missed out on Gravity but you will definitely see me (and ring) one day when I hit the city!
      Have a wonderful day 🙂 x

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