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A week ago, a patient who’s in her late 60s told me that she’s going to take her caravan on a road trip alone around Australia. Her spirits were high and her eyes twinkled as she talked about her upcoming adventure. She was so excited. She spoke about the beautiful and less well known sceneries that she had encountered in her previous road trips, and those amazing experiences that she shared with strangers turned friends at caravan parks.

There’s just so much that we could learn from her attitude. That open-mindedness, that courage and eagerness to explore… Those amazing qualities are not solely reserved for travelling, they could be applied to the food that we eat, or the outfit choices that we make on a daily basis. 

Have you ever worn a crop top before? or experimented with a clothing item in your closet differently? If you haven’t, it’s probably time to step up your fashion game! You’ll be amazed with how creative and bold you actually are if you just allow yourself to let go and have some good legitimate fun.

In the photos above, I played with Hectorr’s structured crop top and shirt dress which I doubled as a jacket instead and I really liked the overall feel of the outfit. I don’t normally show that much of my torso so the shirt served as a rather edgy security blanket, if you like. My favourite part of the shirt is definitely the grid pattern. The lines are slightly raised therefore giving it a nice textural effect. You might find the shirt a little too sheer to be worn as a dress but there’s nothing that a short slip wouldn’t fix. It would be even better if a bit of lace peeks from underneath the hem of the shirt as that would add such a nice feminine touch to the overall look. As you may have already noticed, I’m very much about finding the right balance between edgy and feminine elements when I put outfits together.

I hope I’ve managed to encourage you to take on a different perspective when it comes to dressing up. Outfits are not meant to be repeated every 7 days because we are definitely more creative than that!

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Photography| Mr M

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