A ”gold tooth” encounter

Mid-way to Franschhoek, we pulled over and parked right next to a car that was already there for a pit stop and to admire the breathtaking scenery. The owner of that car was having a beer and was friendly enough to respond to our ”hellos” and questions as we approached him from behind. He was a solidly built coloured man with an implanted gold tooth and he turned out to be chattier than anticipated. After knowing our slight intention to check out the rather secluded waterfall at the other side of the road, he offered to take us there. At that stage I was feeling quite uncomfortable and as he walked ahead of us, Mr M noticed that he had a handgun holster and hence ”casually” asked him about his job and he replied ”I’m a hitman”. Hang on, did he just say what I heard? ”Righty-o. Let’s get out of here, NOW!’

2 seconds later however, he told us that it was a joke and he really was a police inspector and showed us his badge. NOT FUNNY. At that stage I didn’t really care whether he was the king or the lord of xyz , all I wanted was to bail so we declined his invitation with a made up excuse but guess what? he wanted to take a couple of photos with us! Umm. We obliged and flashed our nervous smiles and pretty much fled as fast as we could after that.

So the moral of the story is, NO UNNECESSARY PIT STOPS AGAIN!!!

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Tank| Witchery (also see here)  Culotte| Topshop  Bracelet| Kalk bay  Nude ballet flats | Not shown (refer to here or here)

Now on to the important stuff i.e. my outfit for the car ride! I should not have stuffed my clothes into the bag. Ah well. I really adore the floral print on this pair of culotte and would love to play with it a bit more this Fall. So far I’ve tried pairing it with a loose fitting black and white striped top and I liked what I saw. It was one of my rather few ”print on print” attempts (a trend that I hope to play with more often) and hopefully I get to share with you more creative pairings in the future.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Photography| Mr M

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