#5riday: Bausack

Get some friends over for some hot chocolate, snacks and a guaranteed fun time!
Screenshot 2015-02-03 15.49.19

Well it’s #5riday time! Remember this post where I drooled over Dieppa Restrepo’s loafers and was kinda wondering whether ‘Santa’ would drop by before Christmas this year? He actually did and even dropped them off in Cape Town for me! What a wonderful surprise!!! Thank you my Mr M, I mean Santa.

I was introduced to Bausack recently and here are 5 reasons why you must get your hands on this game.

#1. Bausack is a little bit like a reversed version of Jenga, and the rules are really easy to grasp.

#2. Bausack is suitable for both youngies and oldies.

#3. Those wooden blocks are very well made hence providing a pleasant visual and tactile experience.

#4. Bausack caters for up to 6 players and this is the perfect number in my opinion. Get some friends over for some hot chocolate, cake and a guaranteed fun time! It’s a nice and inexpensive way to spend an evening with friends.

#5. Kevin McCloud in the making? This is your game.



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