An Icelandic Affair #6

We were not expecting very much snow in Iceland but boy how wrong were we?
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At our accommodation at Hofn
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Hot-pooling by the roadside. Yes that was what we did
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Mr M’s favourite hot pool
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Turf house
wllw 16-06-19_17
We accidentally drove off-course onto this pretty dangerous road. Thankfully we survived to tell the tale!
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Mr Mitty skated down this winding road
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Seydisfjordur, you have my heart
wllw 16-06-19_26
Bistro Skaftfell is my kind of bistro because those girls next to me were knitting!
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We were not expecting very much snow in Iceland but boy how wrong were we?

On day 5 we left Hofn for our accommodation in Seydisfjordur and the journey was nothing short of magical.

In the morning, after breakfast and unexpectedly witnessing the arrival of a lamb (yes it’s a big thing for a city girl), we headed to yet another hot pool, this time by the side of a parking lot for a quick dip. Iceland has an abundance of hot water hence bathing in hot springs is a bit of a national activity. Mr M was quite obsessed with trying out as many hot pools as he could and I, being the good wife (ahem) had to follow suit. I said “had to” because a part of me didn’t want to miss out as well since Iceland isn’t just a neighbouring country like NZ. I did end up appreciating those dips in the pools but had to first overcome the mental barrier from the tedious task of peeling off 4-5 layers each time and putting them back on afterwards.

Day 5 was a leisurely kind of day. We didn’t have a fixed schedule and just went with the ebbs and flow of the day. We stopped at places where we saw human activity and unashamedly poked our noses in. Magic truly happened after we entered the snow covered area. I had not seen so much snow in my life! Living in Australia, snow is the last thing that one would see so naturally I was ecstatic, albeit needing to squint my eyes at the reflective white landscape. We stopped the car to marvel at our good fortune, and also to destroy the smooth, untouched surfaces haha! Say hi to that monster within me! There was no end in sight but I didn’t want to go too far as I may end up crashing into a lake or stream. After letting out all our childish behaviour, we drove into Seydisfjordur, at which I continuously pinched myself to ensure that it was not a dream.

I have not seen such a beautiful little town in my whole life. The vibe was surreal and I was already dreading leaving before even experiencing it. We couldn’t put our cameras away and every corner was begging to be photographed. We found a little bistro to chill and have dinner and the moment I walked in I knew I found my happy place. There were girls knitting in the corner while enjoying a couple of beers. Isn’t that cool or what?!?! I kicked myself for not taking my knitting project with me but I was also happy to just be and immerse in the surrounding. There were tonnes of Americans there and from what we gathered, Seydisfjordur is an arty town with lots of opportunities for art residencies. The creative atmosphere just energised me so so much. It was such a pleasure to be there.

In the next post on Iceland, I would delve more into the sights of the glorious Seydisfjordur and I hope you join me there!

Outfit details: Knitwear Helmut Lang Denim Neuw Puffa Jacket Uniqlo Scarf Seed Heritage Beanie Handknit by me (see pattern here) Rain Boots Sperry Socks Hanknit by me Sunnies ROC Eyewear


  1. Your Icelandic affair looks like a dream! The more I look at the pics, the more I want to start researching Iceland as a future travel destination…

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