2017 in Recap

I think the two words that shaped the way I dressed were ‘make do’.
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All I Want For Christmas Is…

 If you dress casually or lead a more relaxed lifestyle, this 2017 fashion recap is for you  #ontheblog at GIRLWITHFLOWERS.COM #linkinprofile
 Agh, so good    ☘️ @thegroundsfloralsbysilva #treasuretrove
 All I want for Christmas is... #ontheblog at GIRLWITHFLOWERS  #linkinprofile
 🤱 Being a new mama, breastfeeding is a challenging ballgame that I’m still learning to enjoy. Anything that makes it easier is a big plus for me hence I’m constantly wearing the @targetaus maternity camisole. What I need to do now is to invest in a myriad of bottoms to jazz things up a little!  If you’re interested, head over to GIRLWITHFLOWERS to read about some of the breastfeeding tricks I practice that may also encourage your journey as well. #linkinprofile
 This was taken around 1.5 weeks post-partum. I brought this @gap dress to the hospital with me because of the button-down construction, which was great for 🤱. What are some of your must-haves for your hospital bag? Head over to GIRLWITHFLOWERS if you would like to know what mine are #linkinprofile #mama
 The bun is out of the oven and has been out for 6 weeks!  Being a mom has got to be the toughest gig I’ve ever done but it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears (literally!) If you’re one who likes reading birth stories, head over to GIRLWITHFLOWERS to read about mini M’s rather dramatic birth (to me anyways!) I would like to hear your story too! ❤️ #linkinprofile

Top 3 Building Blocks for Cold Weather Pregnancy Fashion

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really need to purchase a lot to fulfil my need for variety
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Not the Hamburgers

Ever since I’ve gone past that relatively awkward “maybe she had one too many hamburger” phase, I’ve become a bit more confident with my new body shape.
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When Life Gives You Lemons

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Online Offline

Are you a completely ‘online’ person or do you prefer to take the time out and hit the shops?
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Becoming a Man Repeller

My wardrobe has shrunk significantly these days hence I felt the need to ‘make things more interesting’.
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Style Reevaluation

I truly feel that if I were to do something differently with my personal style, now’s the time to do it!
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The hot and sticky weather in Sydney makes me want to dress as casually as possible, all the time!
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Biting the Bullet

Nothing beats a personal experience don’t you think?
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A Perpetual Dreamer

I’m no where close to being girly but carrying a basket is such a complementary fit to spring + summer
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NYC with an OCD Planner #3 :: Shopping

I’m not sure about you but visiting a brick and mortar store, especially an expensive one can be quite stressful.
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Give Me a Green Thumb!

I’ve become a little obsessed about planting herbs.
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NYC with an OCD Planner #2 :: Packing Top 3 + Empire State

Empire State of Mind
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Minimise x3

Does moving make you want to cull everything so that you don’t have to deal with things that really don’t add value to your life anymore?
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An Icelandic Affair #10 :: Finale

It has been fun sharing our visual diary with you!
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An Icelandic Affair #7

We played with snow all day.
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An Icelandic Affair #6

We were not expecting very much snow in Iceland but boy how wrong were we?
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An Icelandic Affair #5

Chasing Icebergs.
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An Icelandic Affair #3 :: Packing List

I was torn by my fantasy of taking dramatic outfit photos as opposed to the reality of practical tourist dressing and the desire to travel light.
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An Icelandic Affair #2

Experiencing nature in such close proximity made me realise how little I really knew about the art of living.
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An Icelandic Affair #1

I do not even know where to begin.
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Why Do We Have Things?

Why do we make purchases the way we do and own the things we own?
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Uniqlo x Lemaire

Fan Girl Mode ON
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Do you like wearing linen?
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Beauty Ideals

Are you comfortable with the way you look in close-up photos?
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A Dash of Metal

Book Worm

I’d like to revive that side of me.
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Hyams Beach

We took a detour to Jervis Bay on our way back from Berry as we were told that Hyams Beach has some of the whitest sand in the world.
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Yo Sup!

This hoodie jacket is a little out of the norm for me.
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Denim + Scrunchy

That 90s kid in me.
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Blogging Allowance

In an ideal situation, I would be able to fit everything that I’m interested in, rest and leisure included.
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Khaki + White

The beauty is that the garment doesn’t really require too much fussing over and care and a bit of dirt on it wouldn’t send me into panic mode (did anyone just say Burberry?).
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Picture Perfect

This is one of those areas that managed to pull my heart back to Sydney again when I felt my desire to be here slowly slipping through my fingers…
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Arctic Vortex

If given a choice, I would happily embrace the chill rather than half-hearted winters.
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Plan B

What happens if we were not having a good day or things just didn’t go according to plan?
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My Temporary Playground

Rugged and untouched, this is the Australia that I hope to be in touched with more often.
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Last Summer in Tulbagh

I’m acutely aware of my bee-stung lips, I guess that is what heat and dryness do to a person.
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Pleats Please


I paired my super lightweight top with my favourite midi skirt, for no apparent reason other than to retain a tinge of girliness and to fulfil the ability to twirl on demand.
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Becoming A Maker

I’m currently obsessed with… using my hands
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Is It a Good Purchase?

Winning The Turtle Race

Last Weekend Edit: Hip Hip Hooray!