When Life Gives You Lemons

Turtleneck H&M Jogger Uniqlo Starry Studs By Boe

2 not so major instances when life gives you lemons:

Scenario #1: You waited for weeks for a couple of (hopefully well-fitting) maternity jeans to arrive but they never turn up and your belly is getting bigger and bigger as the days go by.

Solution: You just put the current favourite pair of pants that you could squeeze into to the highest rotation possible and pray that nobody sees that food stain on your thigh that you have yet to clean. In my case, it’s none other than those denim joggers by Uniqlo. I was this close to not purchasing them because jogger pants were not my thing. You know what? They are totally my jam now that the thought of a rigid waistband totally terrifies me! I wear those well-seasoned pants at home, to work and to brunch and dinners. If I have to create a pregnancy capsule wardrobe, they would be the first item to be included. Bugger that lost parcel!

Scenario #2: You asked your husband to buy 500g of lamb mince and he came home with 500g of lemons when you already have another 6 of them waiting to be used up in the fruit basket.

Solution: You throw a hissy fit. Well yes and no. You try and concoct lemony things at every opportunity. Here are 3 things that you could do with excess lemons:

Firstly, you make a DIY all-purpose surface cleaner I’ve ditched store bought surface sprays for almost a year now and find so much more contentment in using something all natural when cleaning my kitchen counters and sink. It’s best to make small batches at a time to ensure freshness of the solution. If you’re wondering, this DIY spray does lift greasy stains effectively.

Secondly, you make lemon barley water You could make plain barley water, or lemon barley water. Your choice when there are about 10 lemons starring back at you in the kitchen.

Thirdly, you make lemon cupcakes! I’m about to attempt them in a minute! Tangy desserts are some of my favourite things to eat so I’m excited! I love baking (although I’m not a precise baker) so I’m trying to bake as much as I could while there’s still some energy lurking around. P.s. Make sure you buy cream that actually whip. I made the fatal error (drama rama!) of getting the reduced fat version that remained thin no matter how much I beat it. Oh btw, those cupcakes were quite delicious too!

You could totally make lemonade too if you just want to do the obvious lol.

So really, life throws us lemons all the time but things may not be as bad as we imagine. A good perspective, a bit of imagination and plenty of flexibility never hurt, non?


  1. When life hands you lemons, you do your best to make it the best damn strawberry lemonade ever lol. You’re right, life always throws us lemons and turning it into something may not be so bad. Great post.

    Kia | Kiasalter.com

    1. You’re absolutely right Kia! It can be hard sometimes but we definitely can’t admit defeat without doing something first!

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