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Are you a completely ‘online’ person or do you prefer to take the time out and hit the shops?
Grey Top Enza Costa Jumper Bassike Jogger Uniqlo Sneakers Vans Sunnies Lapiz Sensible Bag Bought in Italy Starry Studs By Boe

This is my outfit formula these days.

Comfy bottom + Knitwear + Sneakers + Some kind of earrings

Those Uniqlo joggers are a total life saver. I could only fit into a couple of denim pants now (the other pair are these by asos) and I find myself reaching for the Uniqlo ones time after time because they are easy to pull up and they just fit so nicely! The above outfit combo was so comfortable (and kinda predictable) but that haven’t left me feeling any less ‘chic’. In the contrary, I was really glad to be able to zip through crowded places like Ikea on a Sunday(!) with such ease. Carrying an extra load and having my belly stretched beyond imagination do zap a little bit of energy out of me so the least I could do for myself in the fashion department is to feel good about what I’m wearing. Sure I would still love to wear all sorts of fancy stuff but I’m also giving myself the permission to just dress like a preggers lady these days.

On another note, I have been doing a tonne of research lately on baby and nursery gears and was boggled by all the options out there. There are so many opinions and schools of thoughts which made decision making almost impossible. Like many of you out there, I do like to shop from the comfort of my own home, saving things on my Pinterest board and comparing prices between retailers. Last week however made me realise the immense value of visiting a physical store, preferably a cosy family-owned one. I got so much more clarity from asking the professionals for help. The fact that I got to touch and feel the textures of things made me so much less nervous about the unknown. This little boost of confidence is much appreciated as frankly, Mr M and I don’t really know what we’re doing! I’m making a mental note to myself to not ever take brick and mortar stores for granted again as they do serve a purpose. What more, a bit of human interaction is quite good for the soul!

My question for you is, how do you normally do your shopping? Are you a completely ‘online’ person or do you prefer to take the time out and hit the shops?


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