Uniqlo x Lemaire

Fan Girl Mode ON
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Uniqlo x Lemaire SS16

Beautiful constructions, great materials and quality that’s beyond expectations. I’m so glad that I managed to snap up a few items from this wonderful collaboration while in Malaysia.

Fan girl mode ON.

Ps. Most people are familiar with Uniqlo but not many with Lemaire so head over to their website now to learn more about this incredible brand. There’s a whole world of difference with pricing and that’s why I appreciate these collaborations so much. They make designer pieces a bit more accessible for normal people like me. If you’re stationed in Europe, the UK or the US, there’s another fabulous and somewhat 60s inspired collaboration between & Other Stories and Rodarte. Go and check it out here. The silk wrap dress is oh so beautiful. However I’m kinda happy that it’s out of reach. Go figure!


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