An Icelandic Affair #8

So we signed ourselves up for whale watching at Husavik the next morning.
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Whale watching at Husavik
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Goofing in my lopapeysa
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A Russian millionaire and his toy in Akureyri
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After dinner situation at Grettislaug

So we signed ourselves up for whale watching at Husavik the next morning. The drive from Myvatn to Husavik was approximately 45 minutes and needless to say we were the last people to board the boat as we gave ourselves no extra time to spare.

Husavik was a picturesque fishing town and the giant oak boats that lined the harbour gave it a strong nordic flavour. We were given bulky industrial-strength jumpsuits to put over our clothing and whilst all of us looked like the characters in South Park, they were absolutely necessarily to fend off the windchill! Remember to take some motion sickness pills before boarding the boat if your stomach couldn’t tolerate the motion. The sea was quite wavy that day and there was a number of people who ended up spending the entire 3 hours at the “sick bay”. Not ideal. We didn’t end up seeing any whales (whale watching season really only starts in May) but we did see schools of dolphins frolicking and playing in the icy water. We also saw a few puffins chilling in the water so overall the experience was good although the tour operator hadn’t exactly hit the brief.

The rest of day was quite leisurely as we made our way to Hofsos, where we spent the night over at the rather whimsical Magical Horses. Anna our host suggested that we check out Grettislaug and it was truly a hidden gem. The pools were well-kept and private with decent changing facilities. To top it all off, we had a view of the mountain and we were able to take our time to relax and wind down. Do bring some spare change with you as there was an “honesty box” there to collect access fees.

Our last stop before Reykjavik was the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, where we stayed at a little lodge at the foot of the most photographed mountain in Iceland called Kirkjufell mountain. Come and join us there in the next post!



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