That Wonderful Date Night in Stockholm


When we were in Stockholm, I felt slighted gutted for not having enough time to browse at those beautiful shops that were on offer. Time was so sparse that shopping wasn’t quite as enjoyable as I imagined it to be.

Amidst all the rush on our last day over there, I managed to pick up this blue dress from & other stories, a new concept store by the H&M group that was launched approximately 4 months ago. Although the design of the dress was rather simple, the fit was beautiful and the silky material felt really nice on the skin. Prior to leaving for my holiday, I spotted quite a number of bloggers donning beautiful pieces by this brand but I thought nothing more about it after enjoying those pictures.

In a fortunate stroke of serendipity however, & other stories was right where we were doing our frantic shopping and boy, was I thoroughly impressed with what I saw! The designs were amazing and fashion forward. Their clothing and accessories were arranged somewhat haphazardly (have I just confused you?) but it was such a refreshing way to shop. Most importantly, their prices are pretty reasonable and the quality was extremely decent. There were so many things that I wanted to try on but unfortunately time (and Mr M) weren’t on my side. I didn’t even get the chance to check out their beauty section before rushing off to ACNE to take advantage of their sale.


In that evening, Mr M had arranged for a delicious dinner at Matbaren, a bistro headed by Michelin starred chef Mathias Dahlgren at the plush Grand Hotel. The dinner was amazing but what’s even more amazing was Mr M’s generosity and the effort that he had put into making my experience even more wonderful than it already was. I’m not sure whether I could even afford to come up with anything that is remotely close to his sneaky restaurant surprises anytime soon. One day, hopefully. Another thing worth noting was Mathias Dahlgren’s logo which was so cleverly designed and it was definitely one of the better logos I’ve ever seen. Have you ever encountered any awesome logos? Do share them in the comments section below!

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I was glad I brought my aztec inspired jacket with me because it was light weight but sufficient to shield me from the cool air. Fortunately, it also paired well with my dress. Sticking to ‘boring’ colour palettes when packing has proven to be useful in my case.

Have a wonderful week people! Remember to stop and smile no matter how hectic your week is.


Photography| Mr M

  1. I just love finding shops that aren’t open in my country when I go abroad! I’ve decided to stop checking all the H&Ms and Zaras that are everywhere, and go into “local” stores instead. & other stories must be great, if it’s anything like their site (which I love).

    1. Absolutely! I’m with you on that! I always find little independent boutiques interesting because they just don’t look like your stock standard chains (although I love chains too to a certain extent) ;P

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