Dream vs Reality

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Dress Somedays Lovin Sandals ATP Atelier (sale in other colours!) Bag Rebecca Minkoff Sunnies Roc Eyewear Hat Forever 21 Bracelet WLLWPOPUP

Before we went away to Bega (in country NSW) for our break during the Christmas long weekend, I was quite convinced that I would be running on lush green pastures in my white, lace maxi dress looking like I’m the happiest girl on the entire planet (cliche much?). Consequently, I embarked on a very tedious journey trawling through many websites trying to hunt down that dream dress. I was picky with both design and price and a little voice in my head kept making me doubt that silly desire of mine. Alas practicality took over and I ended up making not one but a few purchases that were far removed from the country vision that I had. Nevertheless, I enjoyed them all and could picture myself wearing them in Sydney again without looking too boho or silly.

Perhaps it was the feeling of freedom associated with wide rolling hills and big blue skies, I also couldn’t think of a better location to play with printed fabrics. I’m currently quite obsessed with lace-up V-necks so the Somedays Lovin (an Aussie brand I just discovered) dress which I scored from ASOS on sale seemed to kill everything with one stone. There’s a lot of bulk in the top half of the dress but that was ok as I intended for it to be a beach tunic but of course, we didn’t end up spending much time at the beautiful beaches that we set foot on at all. We were too concerned with covering kilometres and exploring new places instead (oops).

We shot this set of photos at what I think is a corn plantation (correct me if I’m wrong) and it certainly wasn’t as romantic as one would thought. The smell was funky, ground was muddy and don’t get me started on those flies! It was pretty difficult to get into the mood without worrying about soiling my footwear. I’m taking some Hunter Wellies with me next time!

Apart from this silly whinge, I was just so glad to explore the country landscape with Mr M. I was dying to get out of Sydney and the expectations that came with it. Putting our adventure caps on truly energised us. Being able to be in the moment (thanks to very poor phone reception) was such a blessing.

I’m not sure when our next short getaway would be. All I could say is that those few days off helped me regain some perspectives in life.

Go on, plan a little escape of your own! Go to that little town that you dreamt of going and regret no more.


  1. Sounds like the perfect getaway with corn and flies! Don’t get me wrong. I would love love love to make a trip to anywhere to experience what you experienced. These are the things that us city people are missing out on and there wouldn’t be such an opputunity to ‘feel’ what mother nature is if we don’t step out of the house 🙂

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.com

    1. Hey Viviene, although I complained, I’d rather deal with them than to be in front of the computer all day long! Breaking away from the normal routine is so good for the soul 🙂

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