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Skinny jeans are awesome for cooler and wetter months and they are definitely a staple in my wardrobe. In fact I don’t know whether I’ll ever cope without them (drama rama I know).

Flared pants on the other hand are in a completely unfamiliar territory. Surely I’ve seen a few around but I don’t think I had ever own a pair before. Even though I was rather attracted to the volume and the slightly masculine feel of flared cuts, the thought of wearing them was still kinda intimidating. I think a big part of it was due to potential discomfort of standing out from others. In other words, I wanted to feel belonged, or more bluntly, I wanted to be generic.

Recently, I’ve started to appreciate this thing called individuality. To me individuality doesn’t mean being different for the sake of being different. Rather it means celebrating our differences by being ourselves, and not having to conform to social norms. That’s why I decided to give this pair of baby blue flared pants by Hectorr a fair chance. For those who haven’t seen this post , Hectorr is an up and coming Thai fashion brand that makes beautiful and good quality minimalist pieces. Initially I thought the amount of fabric that I had on a was going to cause discomfort on a sizzling hot day but truth was, the crepe material was so SO comfy to wear. I felt completely at ease in these babies.

I received many compliments that day, even from a male barista who said ‘nice pants’ in a very straight face. What a funny but gorgeous moment.

No, I don’t want to be generic no more. No I don’t want to wear certain things just because society expects me to wear them to look cool. Instead I want to be comfortable with my own aesthetic choices. I want to feel cool because I am myself and that I’m confident enough to display that. 

It’s great to be in the forefront of fashion trends, but it’s greater to be yourself isn’t it?

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.


Photography| Lovely Mr M

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