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As per previous post, we were fortunate enough to stay at the beautiful Hotel Su Gologone  when we were on honeymoon in Sardinia. Mr M and I decided to take advantage of our sitting room one night as the backdrop to my outfit photos as the cushions were matchy-matchy to the colour of my dress. Just for extra information, all those cushion covers plus a bunch of decor were all handmade on premise. Pretty awesome huh?

I had forgotten to take my chain belt with me which I planned to wear loosely around the hips so I borrowed Mr M’s spare shoe laces to cinch in the waist. The dress is really lightweight and I love wearing it because it has a resort feel to it. I love slits (hence I had one on my wedding dress as well) as the fabric flaps and show off some legs with any movement. As mentioned before, our honeymoon was all about fuss free dressing and easy to slip on dress and this baby from Zara definitely fitted the bill nicely.

My belly was full and I was exhausted when we had the photo shoot so I nearly fell asleep on the day bed! Please excuse the grumpy face.

More Italiano posts to come.


Photography| Mr M

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