Grand Designs

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Although Grand Designs is completely unrelated to fashion, there’s just something so attractive about watching people, courageous people trying to design and construct the home of their dreams. The show isn’t about featuring the grandest and most outrageous designs that people could ever come up with. It’s more about the heart and soul, the vision and the yearning of everyday people to own something that truly represents them inside out. Episode after episode, I had more and more respect for people who were willing to combat the unknown, persevere and pull off what possibly was the greatest stunt of their lives.

In many ways, our lives are very much like Grand Designs, except on a larger scale. We could only be everything that we’re made to be if the building blocks that we lay are sturdy enough to hold ourselves up in a rather unforgiving world. It’s all about getting the foundation right and not being afraid to sow seeds in order to reap the harvest that we hope to see. These thoughts have been circling in my head especially after starting WLLWPOPUP. It hasn’t been all sunshine and roses, in fact very little of WLLWPOPUP is that at the moment but I’m going to march on because I do see value in it. WLLWPOPUP is very special to me and my hope is for it to be very special for you too. There’s no stopping until the rainbow appears!

Now on to the outfit. This Sunday do of mine was very casual, slouchy and comfortable. After a week of pretty packed schedule, all I wanted was to chill out in something that I wouldn’t need to fuss too much about. Flat shoes are my good friends now. As a matter of fact, they have always been.

Do you have anything in particular that’s stirring in your heart right now? It would be awesome if we could encourage each other in any way.


Photography| Mr M

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