Hitting a Wall

I gave myself permission to laze, rewind and reset.
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I’m slowly easing my way back to blogging again after a few weeks of silence.

I hit a wall of fatigue and lost all enthusiasm for social media but I was kinda pleased by it. I didn’t feel the urge to upload anything or browse IG every 2 minutes. Instead I enjoyed what that moment had to offer (that meant lots of YouTube bingeing and couch lying) as I gave myself permission to laze, rewind and reset.

Without further ado, here’s a few photos that were taken while we took a whirlwind trip to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago. We were exploring the suburb of Fitzroy and really enjoyed how quirky it was. It has been around a decade since I last set foot in Melbourne and I wondered what took me so long to go back!

I’ve got a few outfit posts lined up for and I’m desperately trying to find my mojo back. I’m absolutely crossing all fingers!


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