Say: She Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore

The timing was perfect. The entire stretch of Seapoint beach was blanketed with warm hazy rays that were so welcoming as the sea breeze sent shivers down my spine. We just got back from Franschhoek (pronouced: fran-shook) that arvo and was too exhausted to do anything that needed too much energy expenditure so a picnic at the beach to watch the sunset seemed like the most ideal (and romantic) thing to do. Franschhoek was ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING, and that to me was even an understatement. It was there too that I had one of my best fine-dining experiences to date. Someone once told Mr M that a meal at that particular restaurant encompassed everything that anyone could ever wanted for a fine-dining experience and I could not agree anymore. Ooops.. I digressed. I promise I’ll tell you more about this magical experience of mine in one of my upcoming posts!


The golden hue of the sun rays and the salty sea breeze were a reminder of how gloriously beautiful this world is, and that we should never take what we have for granted because they might just perish in a moment.

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We were spoiled with a nice picnic spread packed by Mr M’s mama. I remembered gingerly rationing the wheat crackers and cheese to Mr M and making sure that we did not gobble down everything at once because the food was limited and we were hungry children! Such a hilarious but precious moment.

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My apologies if this pair of burgundy waxed jeans and the denim jacket have made way too many appearances on my 2 month old personal style blog. I guess they could be classified as good purchases if you’re looking at cost per wear, and THAT is something that should really be celebrated IMHO. I wrote a piece on travel wardrobe earlier last month and co-incidentally this was a repeat look from what I was wearing in that post except for the Witchery tank, springbok bag and accessories. Well good thing that my capsule wardrobe strategy did work out to a certain extent.

I think rich burgundy is really versatile and pairs exceptionally well with a number of colours and blue is definitely one of them. The springbok bag (or so-called tourist’s bag) was too cute to resist when I saw it at the waterfront. The fact that it was handmade just won my vote and I really enjoyed running my fingers through the fury bit that was sticking out. I hope I’m not the only person who does that! (FYI, springbok is a type of antelope and it’s the national animal of South Africa)


We headed to a game of putt putt after that where our inner competitive side unleashed in full force after the peaceful time at the beach. Talk about a total contrast in mood!

Have a nice day people! And to those who are anticipating rain, keep dry!


Photography| Mr M

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