A Little Daring

What are your thoughts about wearing something a little see-through?
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Top Esther Culottes Zara Heels Topshop Clutch Witchery (very old)

A little peak of what I wore to my birthday celebration last Saturday night. Mr M ever so generously took me out for a fancy meal at Six Penny. It was our second time there and the food was as delicious, if not more than what I remembered it to be.

I managed to take my pretty lace top out for a ride for the second time, the first time being in NY. It’s actually more versatile than I thought and I have a feeling that I would continue to experiment with it (subject to my body size of course). Wearing this see-through lace top really wasn’t daunting at all. My initial experience was quite pleasant so I had no qualms about wearing it again here in Sydney. The sturdy fabric and busy lace motives made me feel secure and the more conservative bottom also helped balance out the look and shedding off the overly ‘sexy’ vibe. Those green heels were brand new and I’m so glad they arrived on time for the dinner. I really needed that pop of colour. Otherwise I would be pairing my outfit with my one and only pair of black heels again, which can be quite boring.

What are your thoughts about wearing something a little see-through? Would you ever try it?


  1. Would try it for sure but the community I live in is a little conservative whoops. I have a see-through black burnout T shirt which has been laying in my closet for months now and is dying for a debut haha! Aside from the sturdy lace, I think the higher neckline makes the outfit more conservative-sexy and thats something really positive when we are showing a little more skin that usual 🙂

    Viviene Kok

    1. Hi Viviene, the way we dress is certainly bound by our environment and the culture that we embrace. I certainly wouldn’t wear it in Malaysia! However when you find yourself traveling to somewhere more relaxed in the future, why not pack that t-shirt and give it a go? 🙂


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