I’ll Have Some Spaghetti, Please


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Camisoles, they are once ‘the thing’ to wear in the 1990s.

Back then I associated tops with spaghetti straps as a sign of maturity. There was just something so grown up about baring the shoulders. I remember wearing basic cotton ones as well as those that were embellished with cheap lace trims and pairing them with denim skirts and flat sandals. It definitely sounds like a fashion faux pas now but I felt like I was in the game then.

Fast forward to 2014.  Shoulder straps have seemed to make a comeback, in a more refined manner that is. Gone are the thick cotton straps. Nowadays, those spaghetti straps are more like ‘angel hair’, itty bitty and barely there. Frankly speaking, I like this version a lot more. They look a lot dressier and sexier. Maybe because I’m way past my teenage phase. I no longer want to bare my shoulders for the sake of looking cool. Whenever I show off my shoulders now I want to know that I’m doing it in a classy, feminine and deliberate manner.

This Beginnings V-Neck Camisole by Aijek is one of my current favourite things to wear. I’ve worn it 2 days in a row, right in the middle of winter. All I did was to pair it with a cosy jacket and a chunky scarf and that was quite sufficient to fend of the chills. I especially love the cut outs at the back of this top. Nothing beats a hint of sexiness without trying too hard.

Even though that I’ve only been pairing this simple beauty with jeans, it works brilliantly if you wear it tucked into tailored pants and underneath a smart suit jacket. This would likely turn your sleek dial up 3 notches, ensuring that you look your best at work.

I have a few other thoughts about ways to peruse this versatile top and I’m hoping to show them via this blog in the next couple of months. Meanwhile ideas and suggestions are most definitely welcome!


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  1. that’s so funny- I used to associate spaghetti strap tops a sign of adulthood after emerging from wearing oversized t-shirts with sea world graphics. Hahaha. Except my friends made fun of me for some reason for wearing spaghetti strap tops and I got really self conscious. Anyway I had so many bad camisoles though- the ones with the built in bra? Gross. But I love the slip top styles like the one you have on now!

    Btw which Reformation dresses have awkward cutouts? I think the ones I got are manageable 😛


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