Slow Movement

I don’t want to consume life, I want to appreciate it instead and I have a choice.
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The Slow movement is quite an attractive proposition. It’s not a new idea and should “technically” be instinctive but it’s something that seems so far removed from our daily lives.

I think I must have hit the wall yesterday evening when my head felt tight and I didn’t have very much energy to do anything else besides slumping on the couch. The previous few days have been “go, go and go” and I just kept going because of commitments and obligations. I love the feeling of ticking off boxes but am I even utilising my minutes as efficiently as I could have if I had been more well-rested?

I don’t want to consume life, I want to appreciate it instead and I have a choice.

Those photos above were taken in a mad dash before rushing off to do something else (that was the only shooting opportunity I had for the week in my defence haha!). There’s such an irony between what was presented here and the real situation it made me LOL. There I was leisurely wandering and chilling in the park when we really only had minutes to shoot because many more minutes were chewed up by bad traffic. Despite the slightly tense circumstance, I really enjoyed the outfit, especially my furry collar which was keeping me cosy and busy due to constant touching and petting as if it were a dog. Yes I reference dog pretty exclusively because I want a dog! (side note: this is not going to deter me.)

Sorry I digress.

So, I’m definitely finding a lot of use for my Helmut Lang sweater and I’m kinda learning to incorporate white amongst all the darker winter hues. It’s always a pleasure to be able to come up with new ideas for different seasons with my pre-existing wardrobe.

Hope you have a wonderful and restful week! If you have any magic tips on ways to recharge in between tasks, please leave them in the comments section below 🙂

Have a nice day and go slow!


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