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Hello everyone, Happy Happy 2017!
Dress Black Crane (on sale now!) Sandals ATP Atelier Earrings Waif Bag Rebecca Minkoff

Hello everyone, Happy Happy 2017! How has the first month been so far? Mr M and I had returned from Cape Town for a couple of weeks now and I was just entirely consumed by work ever since. I finally get to catch a breather for a couple of days so here I am, typing away furiously to make up for everything that I had missed about blogging.

This set of photos was taken on our second day in Cape Town. A lot of people asked me what the weather was like and for those who are unfamiliar with South Africa, it shares the same hemisphere as Australia hence similar weather patterns. Cape Town however is nicknamed ‘windy city’ so letting your hair down would put you on a high risk of looking like a crazy woman (see above).

STYLE NOTES Caroline of UNFANCY has shared her thoughts about fantasy dressing quite substantially on her blog and I’m with her on all counts. I had made numerous mistakes on purchasing items that have never seen daylight again just to suit particular travel destinations but I’ve learnt to go easy on my fantasies. Having said that, I would also not deprive myself from purchasing 1-2 new items to take with me but I’m getting more and more pragmatic about my choices.

||SILHOUETTE||  This Black Crane painter dress ticks all the boxes for me because it’s casual, cute and voluminous. I prefer unrestrictive silhouettes on a day-to-day basis, and especially on sweaty summer days. The cotton material is wonderful, but a tad thick for the searing heat. The shorter length also means that any big drastic movements may result in embarrassing situations. This dress however is still very much a dress of choice at any appropriate opportunity.

||FOOTWEAR|| I put on my favourite and one and only pair of tan sandals for a warmer colour palette. I rotated between 2 pairs of flat sandals in our one-week in Cape Town and that was quite a comfortable choice.

||STATEMENT JEWELLERY|| I plan to up my jewellery game this year and statement earrings are my first foray into this slightly unfamiliar territory. These crazily bold mermaid earrings by South African brand WAIF had me at hello. The organic shapes and matte gold colour are perfect for elevating the most casual outfits. They make me feel like an Egyptian empress to say the least.

SIDE NOTES I don’t think my blog would feel right if I just talk about fashion and clothes without sharing about life. SIDE NOTES are designed to talk about everything else but fashion so if you only want to read about the clothes (which is totally awesome as well), this post ends right here. If you would like to get to know another side of me, then please allow me to take you on this journey 🙂

||2016 BEST NINE|| Have you seen your instagram ‘best nine’ yet? I’m sure you have. If you’re totally confused, it’s basically a compilation of your ‘best nine’ or most engaging 9 instagram posts of 2016. Many people chose to publish theirs on their account but I decided against it, not because I want to be different. Matter of fact is, my ‘best nine’ just isn’t a true reflection of my highlights of 2016. There were of course some highlights within the grid like our trip to Iceland (still feeling surreal about it!), my very first handknit sweater  and my experiments on creating cosy images but I just don’t feel the same about the remaining images. They were just my regular outfit photos and to be honest, I felt uninspired by them! Gasp, did I just say that on my own fashion blog? I’m constantly battling with my desire to make fashion count for not only me but others too and it has proven to be a much bigger challenge that I thought it would be. Although clothes are great (and very important) self-expression tools, I truly believe that striking a balance between the superficial and that deep, meaningful spot from within is essential to complete the whole experience.

What do you think? Are your feelings towards fashion a little fickle too?


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