A Big Toast to You and 2016!

I have so much hope for 2017 to be a fantastic one.

Just a quick one here to wish you guys MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This year has been crazy busy and memorable, but of course it’s not a year without challenges and anxieties. It is not possible for me to list out all the highs and lows now, but I would definitely want to have some quiet time to reflect on the year that was. I might even journal a few points to help digest and understand those feelings and experiences throughout 2016, and device a game plan for 2017.

Mr M and I will be heading to Cape Town tomorrow to spend some time with his family so there won’t be any regular blogging throughout that period. In fact, I have a hunch that blogging might not resume till mid-Jan as I will have 2 weeks of crazy work schedule the moment we get back. It is very anti-climatic but that’s just the way it is for now, considering how hectic things are. I’m not going to be able to do everything and I’m ok with it :).

Before I sign off this last post of the year *insert wide-eye emotion*, I wanna say that I have so much hope for 2017 to be a fantastic one. A few exciting projects are in the horizon, but most importantly, I pray that there would be joy, healing and breakthrough in my, as well as your loved ones.

Here a big toast to you!


    1. Happy New Year Viviene! Yes we did have an awesome time although it was a tad too short for such a faraway place. Hope you had a good one too! xx

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