Costa Smeralda

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  Shirt Dress Hectorr Bikini Asos Sandals Country Road Hat Cala Ganone

Costa Smeralda, The Emerald Coast in English is one of Sardinia’s most luxurious travel destinations. It boasts multiple pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear water turquoise water, OTT hotels, designer boutiques and brand new architecture. It’s a whole new world from Oliena, not necessarily better but definitely more ritzy and materialistic.

We arrived at Petra Segreta in San Pantaleo (a few kilometres from Costa Smeralda) after driving for a few hours from Oliena and was instantly greeted by the grandeur of the mountain top resort. Mr M had so generously realised my Mr & Mrs Smith dream (so thankful!) and we were very fortunate to spend a day and a half exploring the region.

Mr M and I made the most out of our stay there and visited as many beaches as we possibly could. The weather was just perfect and the beaches were not entirely packed to the brim. There was a bit of breathing space hence making our experience there very enjoyable. The sea water was simply beautiful and it was so clear that I could see my toes through the water! We were in complete chillax mode which was pretty cool.

My beach gear of that day? ASOS high waisted bikini, textured white shirt dress by Hectorr and leather sandals by Country Road. That was my first time trying high waisted swimwear and I was totally digging it! It’s always nice to step out and try something different in the realm of fashion as dressing up falls under the ‘noncommittal’ and fun side of my life. Whilst it’s good to understand and stick to one’s personal style, ultimately a big part of fashion is about experimentation, don’t you think?

Hope you enjoy the photos!


Photography| Mr M

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