We took a risk.
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Top Hectorr (on sale) Skirt Finders Keepers (sold out here!) Clogs Funkis Sunnies ROC Eyewear Bag Rebecca Minkoff

We took a risk. We shot the entire set of photos with my iPhone 6!

What started off as a casual suggestion became a reality when Mr M realised that he hadn’t brought his camera with him. It was just meant to be.

Mr M discovered some lovely shadows that we would like to take advantage of so we decided to shoot in between waiting for a tablet at The Paramount Coffee Project. It was a nice use of time and I love those instances where I felt like things were falling into place and I was manoeuvring through that moment in life with such ease.

I wore my newly acquired Finders Keepers midi denim skirt and paired it with my minimalist boxy top (on sale!) and as usual, clean lines were what I craved for on a Sunday. I’ve been eyeing the midi denim style for a little while and was super happy with my purchase. I love a good slit (see my wedding dress and my outfit as a wedding guest ha!) and being able to show a little leg while striding forward is quite shexay don’t you think?

I will be taking a bit of denim away with me so if you would like to check out more of my holiday pairing ideas, meet me over at Instagram.

Over and out!


  1. Wow, I am impressed at your guy’s iPhone skills. That top and that skirt together are so good! I am really enjoying the longer, more a-line skirt style this spring, it looks so chic and flattering.

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