Playing Tourist in Red Stripes and Neutral

Do you like playing tourist in your own city?

I love it and wish that I have more time for it. Oftentimes I was so consumed by the nitty gritty of life I overlooked what my surroundings have to offer. Perhaps it’s time to make time for that exhibition, that play, that festival or that walk. A breath of fresh air is all it takes to regain some perspectives sometimes.

I hardly set foot into the library ever since uni because frankly speaking, there wasn’t a need for it. It wasn’t till that Archibald weekend when I realised that I have yet to visit the State library of NSW after all these times (which was a stone’s throw away from where the Archibald was held). What better time to pay this place a visit since we have a perfectly valid excuse to run our fingers over travel books for our upcoming holiday?



Comfort and warmth were all I had in mind that chilly day as I was down with a cold. I was inspired to pair red stripes with neutral after seeing a certain picture online and although I have not worn this stripey top for years, boy was I glad I still have it in the wardrobe! I threw on my shaggy jacket and leather cap for a bit of heat retention (and to shield my ”rudolph’s nose” from the public) and I was good to go.

Would I recommend a ”tourist stopover” at that library? A resounding yes because it’s beautiful in there. That place is the exact contrast to the dark and dreary libraries I was so used to in the past. It’s bright, airy, modern and filled with lots of arty elements. Even if you’re not a library person, at least you get the peace and quiet that’s virtually impossible to find outside those walls!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Photography| Mr M

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