Toino Abel

Handmade in Portugal
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I must admit that I’ve caught the ‘basket bug. As the weather warms up, I’m dreaming more and more about pairing my summery outfits with a more lightweight bag… something that I could carry in my hand and swing around with.

This Cult Gaia one is extremely popular among bloggers and instagrammers (in case you haven’t already realised!) and I did entertain the idea of getting one. However, after stumbling upon Toino Abel at either Miss Moss or Honestly WTF, I was captivated by the charm of their handmade reed bags and decided to give them a go instead. I chose this colourful one and used my little ‘trick‘ again, hoping that it would one day turn up on our doorsteps lol.

I was very fortunate indeed.

I’ve been trying to carry it as much as I could and I just really enjoyed the texture and all the wonderful details that come with it. The only complaint though is that the red and blue colours got transferred onto my off-white legion jeans (eek) and that made me a little more than paranoid. I managed to deal with it with a bit of napisan (phew) but caution would definitely need to be exercised  in the future.

I’m not a bag junkie (it’s unaffordable!) but this bag makes me very happy.

Ps. Amidst all the chaos associated with the election, life does go on 🙂


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