A New Kind of Layering

I ended up really enjoying this pairing as the volume at the upper part of the body certainly gave me some breathing room.
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Over Easter, Mr M and I made a trip to Orange, a country town approximately 3.5 hours away for a short break. Getting out of Sydney was very much welcomed as we felt increasingly bogged down by the demands of daily life. A temporary escape was very appealing. I’m a city girl in and out but there’s just something magical about rolling hills, dirt roads, fresh air and farm animals.

I wanted to be efficient about packing so I started laying out a bunch of maybes on the floor a few days before the trip. At that time I felt so exhausted and was completely unmotivated to come up with exciting pairings. In fact, I didn’t know how to because I couldn’t fit into a lot of my usual clothing (mr #miniM is growing in my belly!) and I was at a complete loss at the things of fashion. I didn’t feel 100% physically so I found it extra hard to muster energy to deal with superficial things. I ended up packing the only 2 pairs of jeans that I could fit into at that time and this wide leg one is from Everlane. When I placed the order online, I wasn’t certain about the fit so I went a size up but boy was I glad with the decision! Any smaller and it might have gone into the ‘waste pile’.

Although I love the look of the wide leg silhouette, I don’t have too much experience with it. I wasn’t sure how those pieces that I packed would work together but the mystery is a part of the fun, non? I ended up really enjoying this pairing as the volume at the upper part of the body certainly gave me some breathing room. What more it was great at hiding a protruding tummy that very much resembled a food baby instead of a real one (ha!). Adding a little faux fur bolero (this one is from Zara) gave the entire look a little luxurious boost. I’m also quite big on accessories these days and a little something around the ear region definitely dresses up the plainest of outfits.

Orange is known for their fresh produce and wonderful food so we took the opportunity to head out to one of their destination restaurants Lolli Redini. Although I was quite  bummed about having to completely eliminate alcohol from my diet these days, their creamy cheese souffle certainly made up for that temporary lack.

In the coming months, I hope to be sharing a little more about my ways of dealing with a changing and bigger body shape and some of the fashion tips that might come in handy. Bear with me as I’m also learning and experimenting as I go.

Till then and wishing you a wonderful, energised day! x

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