Why must Hedvig Opshaug look so perfect in those velvet flares?
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I remember going crazy over them during my teens and my very first pair was a Gap hand-me-down from my cousin. Everything about that pair of denim felt so right and it was my favourite item for awhile. I felt fashionable in them. My parents too was familiar with the silhouette as that was what they knew back in the 70s.

Fast forward a few years, or maybe less than that, the introduction and popularisation of skinny jeans had changed my life forever (think former Australian cult favourite like Bettina Liano). I’m not even joking. Suddenly I was able to tuck my jeans effortlessly into boots, and fold the hem up and still look sleek. The tide had turned and jeans were no longer something that people wore out of comfort and convenience. Suddenly there were conversations on cut, fit and stretchability. I’m honestly thankful for them as the skinny cut is by far my favourite and dominated my wardrobe over the others. They just make dressing up so much easier, not to mention nicer (imho)!

And then I saw the photo above. Why??? Why must Hedvig Opshaug look so good perfect in those velvet flares? Why must velvet make everything 10 times better? That photo completely tipped me over and I know I’ve subconsciously started to save up for the same/similar pair now. Maybe I would be able to make it before winter arrives here in Sydney.

So my question is, are you a skinny or flares kind of girl?

  1. I haven’t worn flares for such a long time but this looks perfect and so chic!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Helen xx

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