Is it Possible to Travel Low Fat?

It’s a romantic dream of mine to see the world with less weight/stuff on my shoulders .
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The weather here in Sydney did an unexpected U-turn in the last couple of days and dove at least 6-10 degrees (Note: I wrote this 2 weeks ago so this weather talk is now made redundant). The change was welcoming but I also felt a little caught out as I hadn’t mentally prepared myself for the cold. It was raining and the wind was gusty and I contemplated wearing my faux-fur collar. I eventually decided against it because that would be a bit of an overkill especially when the temperature was hovering around the 18-20c. Instead I pulled out my fancy pants silk scarf which I’ve been tying around my bags (appeared here and here) and wrapped it around my neck. That was totally inspired by this vlog which I stumbled upon recently. I really like the idea of having a silky fabric around my neck that was both luxurious and functional.

Coming from someone who doesn’t particularly love pairing a dress with pants, I went against my fashion beliefs and did just that. I gotta say that this kind of look is slowly growing on me. It does take a few tries to work out what you like or don’t like but once you decide on a silhouette that you’re comfortable with, you would likely appreciate your attempt in stepping out of the fashion comfort zone. I gotta be real and say that the above combo isn’t the best that I’ve ever worn but at least I’m warming up to new to me pairing ideas. Most importantly, I might have just up my Man Repelling game which in this day and age, is a coveted skill just because Leandra Medine says so.

These little experimentations, with both the scarf and dress+denim pairing led me to think more about the possibility to travel light for my upcoming trip to Iceland and NYC. The temperatures at those 2 locations would likely be vastly different. The forecast for Iceland is between 0-9c and the forecast for NYC falls between 12-22c. I’m normally the person with the biggest luggage but I would like to redeem myself this time round. Surely there’s a desire to dress as chic and differently as possible every single day but I really need to look beyond taking extra loads to achieve that. Maybe I could take with me lighter pieces and layer them on depending on temperatures and wind conditions. There’s no doubt that a lot planning is required to get the body temperature right and there’s definitely a lot to consider when it comes to the materials and colours that I would be packing (maybe I should start NOW). Upon investigating Jessica Doll’s Travel Light Method, another seemingly good way to reduce load is to take along clothes that could be easily washed and dried. I’m not sure whether I would like to wash my clothes in the basin unless absolutely necessary. What I do know is that we’ve paid for the use of a washing machine and dryer in Manhattan and guess who would be making full use of these wonderful machine!

It’s a romantic dream of mine to see the world with less weight/stuff on my shoulders without compromising on my outfits. Have you done that before? How would you pack your luggage if you need to navigate through a big spectrum of temperatures? Do share your expertise.


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